Responsibility in the light purport orientations personality

  • Ірина Щербакова Sumy State Pedagogical University Makarenko
Keywords: personality, responsibility, subject, object, instance of responsibility, freedom, life purport orientations.


The article presents the results of theoretical and empirical studies of responsibility as a component of life purport orientations of personality. There was made theoretical and methodological analysis of the definition of «responsibility». The conceptual features of the disclosure of the contents of responsibility in the creative works of leading domestic and foreign researchers were found. There was analyzed the structure of responsibility, specified structural components, mechanisms and factors of individual responsibility formation. It was found that high and average levels of formation of moral and ethical responsibility and liability as «values» are correlated with the middle level of freedom formation. It was determined that the responsibility as a logical consequence of freedom determines the activity and behavior of the individual and holds a special place in its system of life purport orientations.

Author Biography

Ірина Щербакова, Sumy State Pedagogical University Makarenko

Shcherbakova Iryna – PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of Practical Psychology Sumy State Pedagogical University Makarenko.

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