Pedagogical aspects of professional self-realization of future tour operators managers in modern conditions of Ukrainian society

  • Марина Карпович
Keywords: personality, socio–cultural development of society, professional self–realization of personality, Manager, professional training, professional education.


The article examines the issue of professional self-realization of future managers of tourism in modern conditions the Ukrainian society. We study the dependence of self-identity from the sociocultural factors of development of society. Consider the interdependence of the professional selfrealization and the need to update the system of professional orientation in secondary schools and vocational training in higher institutions. Modernity is experiencing transformation in various aspects, especially transformation society and with it the interrelated categories. Changes occur not only some of the social structures and institutions, but also of values, value orientations, moral and legal norms and priorities. Today, therefore a particularly urgent issue of professional training of a new generation, formation and self-realization in the new conditions of the labor market. Based on the foregoing, the aim will be study the factors of professional self-realization of future specialists in modern Ukrainian society. Despite the fact that personal fulfillment is the process of ensuring the integrity of the individual, the identification and development of personal abilities, based on factors of socio-cultural development, the most important factors consider the economic life of
society, morality as a regulator of social behavior, social and cultural reality, a cultural universal. The process of self-realization will be effective under condition of formation of the system of value orientations based on the ideals of individual liberty, semantic orientations, mutual respect and cooperation. The success of professional self-realization of future specialists, in particular the Manager of tourism in the modern Ukrainian society depends on the humanistic orientation of society, the advantages of the principles of tolerance and compassion. As well as updating the system of professional orientation in secondary schools and vocational training in institutions of higher education.

Author Biography

Марина Карпович

Karpovich Marina – graduate student of the Professional Education Department of SHEI «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

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