Development of school autonomy as a process of secondary education decentralization advantages and disadvantages

  • Вікторія Чередник
Keywords: autonomy, autonomy of school, state management of general secondary education, financing mechanisms of education, decentralization, foreign experience, education, reforming


The article considers the formation of an autonomous school as an expression of the process of decentralization of secondary schools. The essence of the concepts of "autonomy" and "autonomy of school" is highlighted. One of the most striking manifestations of the decentralization of educational systems in Western European countries was the issue of providing autonomous educational institutions. An example in the process of decentralizing the management of education can be United Kingdom. She first legally gave parents the right to first choose their school according to the abilities of their children. The experience of foreign countries in the process of decentralization of education management is considered. The problems of transition from administrative-distributive to market-oriented regulation of general secondary education are covered. The legal, organizational and economic conditions for the introduction of school autonomy for improving the quality of public administration education are determined. The advantages and disadvantages that may be encountered by the school on the way to becoming independent are highlighted. It has been determined that the direct participation of the community in the management of the school ensures optimal satisfaction of the needs and interests of participants in the educational process. Interaction of the public and the authorities, contributes to the decentralization of education management and the autonomy of the activities of educational institutions.

Author Biography

Вікторія Чередник

Cherednyk Viktoriia – Lecturer at the Department of Lecturer in Accounting and Taxation of SHEІ «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Нryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

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