Professional training of school principals in the Czech Republic

  • Вацлав Троян
Keywords: Headmaster, Czech Republic, autonomy of school, professional development, career system, education, TALIS 2013.


The article deals with the current situation in training of Headmasters of schools in the Czech Republic. Describes the current state and reflects the major pitfalls of this system. Proposes possible innovation, in particular taking into account the need for the system to understand the Headmasters as the leaders of the educational process. The text will complement research, in which the headmasters of the schools evaluate the importance of modules of their studies. The article examines the topic of the preparation of school principals in the Czech Republic. Undoubtedly, the school principal is a key factor affecting the quality of the school, the development of students and their learning outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to pay much attention not only to the training of school principals, but also to the improvement throughout the professional life and the necessary support. The text presents an existing model for preparing school principals. Today, possible alternatives to the career system of school principals are discussed, but for the time being, there is no definitive solution. Given the tradition and modern development, one can not expect a change in the situation when the school principal would not have pedagogical practice and compulsory pedagogical workload. And although from the pedagogical environment you can hear voices that give preference to the managerial option, particularly in secondary vocational education, but such considerations today are not on the agenda and will not be long. Presumably, the pre-service training of school principals will prevail in order to avoid major problems at the beginning of their duties. 

Author Biography

Вацлав Троян

Vaclav Trojan – PhDr., Ph.D, Head of department – Education Management Centre, Faculty of Education, Charles University Prague.

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