Вплив сім'ї на пізнавальну активність дошкільників

  • Галина Стадник umy State Pedagogical University Makarenko


The article contains the results of forming experiment, whose goal was the correction of interaction of parents with children in terms of improving the efficiency of its impact on the development of cognitive activity of preschoolers. The paper presents theoretically grounded method of formation of  the cognitive activity of preschool children in the family developed by the author, whose effectiveness is confirmed during specially organized psychological-pedagogical experiment.
It is proved that the development of cognitive activity of preschool children depends on the content and the nature of communication in the family and public cognitive activity of parents and children. Identified and approved tools of psycho-pedagogical correction methods of influence close adults on the child in order to optimize the process of development of intellectual sphere.The article emphasizes the possibility of entering the family close adults to correct nurturing to the child in terms of development of its cognitive activity.It is proved that for the development of cognitive activity of preschool children it is necessary to use active forms of cooperation of preschool establishment with family, that envisages the study of features of cooperation close adults with a child, and implementation of the principle of individual and differentiated approach depending on the nature of communication, joint cognitive activity of parents and children in family. The author sees presentation of features of family influence on the development of cognitive activity of primary school children as a perspective area for future scientific studies.

Author Biography

Галина Стадник, umy State Pedagogical University Makarenko

Stadnik Galina – PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor of Department of Psychology Sumy State Pedagogical University Makarenko.

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