The causes of the myths existence in modern society

  • Vita Bova Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Art
Keywords: myth, newest mythology, newest myth, mass, mass consciousness, mythologization of the mass consciousness.


The need for the study of modern mythology is dictated by the fact that myths are activated exactly in crisis or transition periods of human life or the public. In some cases, myths can play a positive role in shaping people's spirit. Myths unite people, so allow yourself to feel the representative of the people and get hope from worthless existence. But their influence is not always positive. Escape from reality may not be the right choice of organization of life, because it can lead to destructive changes in life orientation. It was demonstrated the causes of the myths existence in modern society. The mythology is an integral part of life and consciousness all times and it performs explanatory and guiding functions and the identification of the individual in society. In every historical period of human development myths substantially altered, their difference is in the regulatory impact on the human activity. The modern period of our society requires rethinking the philosophical meaning and moral values of the past, the search for new targets of social development. A generalized understanding, reflexive and objectify the main idea of the new mythology is presented. The logic of modern myth based on the loss of causation as a result of social crisis situation that leads to the transfer the mass consciousness in the sphere of mythical images, and this leads to setting up of new causal link and go to the visibility of the new political reality. So the latest myth has figuratively search specifics of understanding reality that seeks to restoration of social and political picture of social life in terms of social cataclysm.The newest mythology of these myths is interconnected, which has an impact on the psychology and mentality of society representatives also features on the operation of all public areas and on the specifics of social development in general. So, the newest mythology is a form of social world, focused on a subjective understanding of social reality, artificially created by experts in political technologies to achieve the goals of the modern political forces, parties, leaders etc, and it is implemented and maintained by means of psychological influence through communication technologies.

Author Biography

Vita Bova, Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Art

Bova Vita – PhD of Philosophical sciences, Associate Professor of the department of humanitarian and art disciplines of Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts.

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