Personality in social and cultural space: meaning and purpose of life

  • Natalia Yukhymenko
Keywords: human, individual, personality, society, social adjustment, individuality, activity, self-realization.


Relevance of research on the problem of a personality in social and cultural context in Ukraine is caused by civilizational and national conflicts in the functioning and development of new civilizations. Personality in the social and cultural space is defined as the epitome of the essential features of active people, personal independence, and awareness of moral and legal responsibility. Actually, sociality and culture in themselves are the ontologistic alternatives to all natural definitions and features of human life. Consequently, we can say that the understanding of the category «personality» in ancient philosophy changed according to the changes in its identification with the soul (the part of soul), the part of space and later the connection with society (Plato) and defining it as a political being (Aristotle). A human being as a component is included in the entire, which defines the restrictions of the freedom in social life. The processes of personification, self-identification and objectivation are important when we want to show the hierarchy in the interrelation of a personality and society. Since the biological, psychological and social features together with vital and existential factors are closely interrelated in the personality. However, it is difficult to realize the authentic ways of living, the way of understanding your own place in common to all humanity social and cultural evolution. This difficult process, the result of individual learning of social experience and its reproduction is a social adjustment of a personality. Neither inward, nor social or psychological development can progress outside society. The formation of a personality is the result of social adjustment. The essence of individuality can be considered as a personal integrity, which is manifested in a certain attitude to the world.

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Natalia Yukhymenko

Yukhymenko Natalia – PhD of Philosophical sciences, Associate professor of philosophical department SHEI «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University».

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