Academic integrity at school: Formulation of the problem

  • Марія Рогожа Taras Shevshenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: academic integrity, school, teacher, teachers professional ethics, integrity, virtue ethics, students cheating, teachers mastery


The paper is focused on the concept of academic integrity and modi of its actualization as the ethical value in professional ethics of the school teacher. Academic integrity is outlined as the principle of the virtue ethics, and the definite cases of professional life allow to comprehend its actuality in such a coordinate system. The principle of academic integrity at school is concretized in two dimensions: (1) regarding professional collaboration in teachers community (teachers mastery, developing teaching environment of mastery, creating the honor codes, defining rationalizations of students cheating at learning process, strengthening moral identity of a student, implementing the practice of resistance to student cheating at learning, shaping the culture of academic integrity); (2) regarding teaching process, joining students to ethical values at school community and avoiding ethical misconduct, first of all, unauthorized copying, using of the work of the third persons during preparing the homework. The paper emphasizes that academic integrity is a new trend in teachers professional ethics, and further work at this direction can actualize a number of theoretical and practical aspects, broaden the research space and enrich real tools for teaching strategies on eradication of students cheating. The final end of the paper is to promote professional tutorship of teachers and their ethical progress as well as to help young teachers to develop themselves professionally at the ethical climate of a school community.  

Author Biography

Марія Рогожа, Taras Shevshenko National University of Kyiv

Rohozha Mariya – Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor, Professor of the Department of Ethics, Aesthetics, and Culture Studies, Taras Shevshenko National University of Kyiv.

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