Humanism as the basic democratic value of the united nations

Keywords: value, types of values, humanism, responsibility, respect for the person, democratic values, European values, educational reform.


In the article the essence of the concept of "value" as a psychological phenomenon is disclosed, its typology is given. Particular attention is paid to humanism as the basic democratic value of a united Europe. European values today are cultivated in the socio-political life of Ukraine, in the educational sphere. It is denoted that European values are the standards of certain procedures in various spheres of society and state institutions, and the most important values for a modern European society are human dignity, responsibility and solidarity. Values are the heart of the culture of every people, nation, society. Values are at the deepest level among tools for decision-making, because they determine the ideological beliefs of individuals and the motivation of their actions. It is demonstrated that the problem of humanism as a basic democratic value plays a considerable part in the foreign psychology. To determine the formation specifics of the person humanist orientation, works of famous humanistic psychologists played a significant role in the higher education system. Human value is the ultimate goal, which has to subordinate to all socially significant activities  of people; the decisive role belongs to upbringing and education in the people formation that depends on educators and psychologists. The conclusion is made that in today’s European society education is given the main role in the education of basic European values. The Council of Europe is developing mighty educational projects to develop common standards for European education, which would be aimed at the democratic civism formation, humanization and tolerance. Ukrainian education is an integral part of the panEuropean humanitarian field. After all, it can ensure its full functioning, cross-fertilization of ideas, having the highest levels of modern science and education.

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Natalia Bocharina, SHEI «PereiaslavKhmelnitskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

Bocharina Natalia – candidate of psychological Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of practical psychology of 

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