Psychology of conscious choice of Ukrainians for membership in the European Union

  • Вікторія Вінс
Keywords: choice, existential choice, personal choice, civil choice, European choice, civilizational choice, mental archetypes, world outlook tolerance.


The article is devoted to highlighting the problem of the Ukrainians’ conscious choice of membership in the European Union within the framework of existential psychology, where the problem of choice is one of the key points. Based on the analysis of philosophical, historical, political and psychological literature about the problem of making decisions, the concept of existential choice is substantiated, which acquires the content of personal choice in the critical life situations. The logic of human behavior in the situation of existential choice according to the activity approach is been analyzed. In particular, it is established that the moral and ethical imperative which regulates the actions of a person and the perception of a truly human attitude to itself and others influences the adoption of daily decisions and vital elections. As a result of integrating the views of domestic authors on the issue of civil choice as a variety of personal choice, there were highlighted the archetypes of the Ukrainian mentality that influence the implementation of the conscious European choice by Ukrainians, such as individualism, ideological tolerance, cordocentrism and deep optimism. The article also analyzes modern socio-psychological tendencies of the Western European countries according to the fact that they are likely to be the first consequences of the European choice in our society. So, firstly scientists indicate the crisis of multiculturalism, which is intensified by the flow of emigrants, whom erode the identity of the European countries; secondly, the crisis of the completeness and meaning of life - Europe is getting more and more united, it has high life standards, but at the same time the process of increasing the internal loneliness of a person, the decrease in the fertility rates, the creation of truly new trends in art still takes its place in EU. Psychological features of the conscious choice of Ukrainians about their membership in the European Union, which have been presented, make it possible to assert that this is a very complex form of civil choice. This choice is carried out by the person on the basis of orientation to the vital meaning, appeal to moral values, mental archetypes and is one of the optimal for the manifestation of subjectivity as an individual and society as a whole.

Author Biography

Вікторія Вінс

Vins Victoria – PhD in Psychology, doctoral student of the Department of Theoretical and Advisory Psychology of the Institute of Sociology, Psychology and Management of M. P. Drahomanov NPU, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology SHEI «Pereiaslav-Khmelnitskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University».

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