Factors of development personal creativity: theoretical analysis of the problem

  • Алла Дереча
Keywords: creation, creative abilities, divergent thinking, creativity, creativity components, factors of creativity development (internal and external), mental abilities, personality traits, environment, factors of the environment.


The article substantiates the study significance of the formation problem of personal creativity in modern psychological science. In spite the fact that for today a great number of researches were done in the field of creativity psychology, the holistic conception has not been worked out and it also has not decided the problem of sources and determinants of creativity, the relationship between personality characteristics and creativity yet. One of the central problems is factors problem, which conduce to creativity formation, divergent thinking, creative style of activity, and is still controversial. The characteristic of creativity as creativity ability, which everyone has in a varying degree, is represented. Summing up the results of theoretical analysis of creativity research, the main factors of its formation are found, that whether or no are noticed by all researchers. They are divided into internal and external by the nature of their influence. Internal factors are personal characteristics (general culture, intellect, age features of mental and anatomical and physiological development), external factors are environment and everything that belongs to it (education and communication environment). Such differentiation is defined as relative, because internal factors are formed and develop in the process of acculturation and socialization, and they depend on external factors that are the country of residence, the environment of upbringing. The factors of the external environment, which can have a positive and negative effect on the creativity development, are analyzed in detail. Separately, factors of the family environment that determine high indicators of creativity are considered: option to choice for a child, the possibility of emotional expression, the positive attitude of adults to its research activity, increase self-rating of adults, reduction requirements for it and punishment. Thus, the most suitable conditions for creative personality formation is an environment where personal qualities are developed enough, having common creative activity with emotional engagement and a general positive mood. Aside from that, age features of the mental and anatomical and physiological development of each person would be considered during the education and communication.

Author Biography

Алла Дереча

Derecha Alla – Lecturer of the Department of psychology SHEI «PereiaslavKhmelnitskyi
Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University».

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