Motivation as a factor of manifestation of the ukrainian youth’s political participation

  • Olha Lomak
Keywords: political participation, political activity, motives of political participation, motivation of political activity.


The article deals with the concepts of political participation and motivation of political activity. The main scientific approaches to the study of the phenomenon of political participation are analyzed. The forms and levels of its manifestation are considered. In political science, there are many approaches to classifying political participation. Usually, forms of political participation are distinguished by scope, sphere of social distribution, extensiveness, intensity and legality. Depending on the level and form of participation in politics, a typology of people is offered. The main types of people in politics are: inactive, conformists, reformists, activists, protesters. Understanding the political behavior of youth is impossible without a thorough analysis of the motivation of their political participation. Therefore, the concept of motivation of political participation is expounded. The article deals with the «activist model» by G. Almond, S. Verba, N. Nay and the institutional approach of R. Patnum. A large number of needs, which determine the origin of motives of political activity of people are analyzed (power, security, honor and dignity, stability of existence, realization, love and acceptance, respect, establishment of social contact, manifestation of aggression, affiliation, avoidance of harm and failure, improvement of social status, establishment of social justice etc.). The influence of both internal (needs) and external (political parties, well-known state and political figures, authorities, youth and public organizations etc.) motivators are analyzed. A list of the most important motives of the political participation of young people is given. There are three main groups of motives: power and control over people and situations, achievement, affiliation. The  leading motives of youth are: the motive of power, the motive of improving the material and social status, the motive of career and the achievement of success, the motive of partner interaction, the motive of communication, the motive of political interest, the ideological motive, the social motive, the altruistic motive, the motive of civic responsibility. The results of the study of features of manifestations of political participation of modern Ukrainian youth, as well as their connection with the leading motives and needs are described.

Author Biography

Olha Lomak

Olha Lomak – student of 2nd year of Master’s degree in Psychology at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

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