Psychological aspects of the midlife crisis experience

  • Галина Рудь Rivne State Humanitarian University
Keywords: experiencing mid-life crisis, study pointed interpersonal conflicts, types of experiences crisіs


The article represents a theoretical synthesis and experimental research of psychological characteristics of experiencing mid-life crisis, which is the study pointed interpersonal conflicts and character traits of personality as psychological factors of its occurrence, isolating the psychological characteristics of types of experiences crisis, developing psychocorrection system to eliminate or reduce its negative manifestations. It is investigated that the mid-life crisis exacerbates the state of experiencing the physical activity and external attractiveness which makes people overestimate their attitude to their own health and way of life The real process of overcoming critical situations involves several types of experiences. The outcome of the crisis depends on the type of experience that dominates. One of the forms of overcoming the crisis is the adaptation associated with the growth of personal potencies - selfactualization. Certain characteristics of the consciousness levels of life essentially depend on how responsible the person is for occurring events in her life, on her internality. It is proved that women of mature age prefer spiritual values, their own forces are the main means of achieving their life goals, they focus on results and their freedom, and they have a high level of general internality, which is a testimony to the responsibility for their own lives. Also, women have high indicators of the overall harmony of the individual. Men, despite their high personal harmony, have a
higher percentage of externality, that is, passively and pessimistically related to life, they are oriented mainly on the process of activity, without aiming for its result. The main vital values for men are spiritual ones, the achievements of which they lay on personal resources, but unlike women, they do not show the importance of emotions. In general, only 50% of people who were surveyed consciously relate to their lives, evaluate it positively, but a significant part of those who were surveyed are uncertain in themselves and have a shaky life position. Overcoming the negative manifestations of the middle-aged person’s crisis and forming a productive attitude towards it is possible with the implementation of a comprehensive psycho-correction system. 

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Галина Рудь, Rivne State Humanitarian University

Rud Halyna – Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Practical Psychology and Psychotherapy

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