Research of cognitive mentions of early subsidiaries: gender aspect

  • Руслана Чіп Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University
Keywords: personality, self-consciousness, gender identity, gender representation, adolescent age, senior teenager


We actualized the problem of becoming a gender identity in older adolescents. In the article, we analyzed the scientific positions of the modern scientists, which expose different psychological aspects of the problem of the formation of the gender identity of older teenagers. We considered the phenomenon of gender identity as an integral personality entity, represented by a feminine masculineandrogenic construct, whose choice is due to traditional or egalitarian gender orientations. The results of the empirical study of the cognitive component of gender identity are highlighted. In this article, we  determined the gender impressions that structuring the image of self of the senior teenager. We investigated, the dynamics of the age development and gender differences in the development of this phenomenon. We analyzed the psychological characteristics of the teenager’s personal development that is the social situation of development, the sense of adolescence, the development of self-consciousness, subjectivity, the peculiarities of communication, which determine the specificity of the formation of the gender identity. It is revealed that gender representations are the motivational basis for the formation of a gender identity of a growing person. We discovered the psychological factors determining the gender representations of older adolescents in structuring the image of self. It is confirmed, that gender representations are caused by the cognitive complexity of the development of self-consciousness in the period of maturation. We found out, that gender representations of older teens about ideal girl/ideal boy are determined by the individual experience, social stereotypes, gender-role settings, expectations of the nearest social environment (parents, peers, teachers), influence of the information space. In the article, we defined the perspectives of further scientific research. We can see the further resolution of this define problem of emotional and behavioral components of the gender identity of older adolescents.

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Руслана Чіп, Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

Chip Ruslana – postgraduate student of Applied Psychology Department .

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