Status and Activity of Church Parish Schools of Podillya Diocese on the Eve of the First World War

  • Nadiia Balabust
Keywords: First World War, Podillya province, church-parish schools, educational and upbringing process, schedule, prewar years, school discipline, teaching staff


Based on documentary materials, publications of periodicals, the status and activity of church parish schools of Podillya diocese on the eve of the First World War in this article the author has highlighted and analyzed the educational and educational process in these institutions as well as successes and disadvantages in the teaching of general and church subjects, the state of school discipline, personnel issues, conducting additional classes. The author has taken into account a significant factual material on the status of church schools in the Podillya province in the academic years 1910-1913, which is reflected in the relevant reports provided to local self-government bodies and published in the"Orthodox Podolia" magazine during the above-mentioned years. The article analyzes the schedules of educational activities in urban and rural church parish schools, which were distributed in accordance with the programs, instructions and circulars approved by the Ministry of Popular Education. The same applies to subjects taught in one-class schools, among which he Law of God was at the first place, as well as church chants, church Slavonic writing, Russian language, letter, initial arithmetic, and needlework (for girls). Two-class schools taught national history, geography, linear drawing, etc. The author thoroughly analyzed the student's state of progress depending on the circumstances that influenced school attendance, the staffing capacity of teachers and priests who, in most cases, could not reach remote villages because of the bad weather, since they lived in cities and towns. In addition, the study of a number of subjects depended on the availability of quality textbooks, manuals, visual devices, etc. Much attention was paid to the educational process in schools, which was based on the religiousness of students, their observance of Christian moral and ethical values. The article also focuses on the inadequate financial condition of the aforementioned schools in the prewar years, which in fact did not involve capital and current repairs, dormitory facilities, support for orphans, children with disabilities, and pupils from low-income families.

Author Biography

Nadiia Balabust

Balabust Nadiia – Ph. D in Pedagogy, dean of the Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship of Khmelnytsky Cooperative Trade and Economic Institute

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