Implementation of V. Sukhomlinskyi's pedagogical views in the process of training future biology teachers

Keywords: future biology teachers, students biologists, readiness for professional activity, nature, educational practice, excursions, nature protection, plant objects, animal objects


A thorough analysis of V. Sukhomlynskyi pedagogical heritage has been carried out. It was found that the teacher considered nature as a means of mental education of the individual. It was established that student biologists need to get acquainted with pedagogical heritage of V. Sukhomlynskyi while studying in higher education institutions. After all, it is important for them to adopt the many years of experience of the prominent Ukrainian teacher, the honored teacher of Ukraine, who, through his own teaching activities, proved that children should be taught not only to read, write, count, but also to learn the interesting mysterious world of nature that surrounds us, to cooperate with this world and to help to live it and not to harm it. The importance of using theoretical foundations and systems of practical measures developed by V. Sukhomlynskyi for the purpose of forming the readiness of future teachers of biology for professional activity through nature is proved. Professional training of future teachers of biology first of all involves studying in nature. After all, it is with the help of natural education that form the cognitive interest of students of biologists to professional activity. The way of effective use of the potential of nature in the educational process of high school is found. The importance of the field practice of the future teachers of biology in the process of their training is substantiated. In the system of professional pedagogical training of biology teachers, the period when students-biologists actively combine learning with nature are field practices that serve as an important factor in the formation of a modern specialist. After all, the use of visibility in the process of conducting educational practice contributes to the mental development of students, helps to identify the relationship between scientific knowledge and life practices, facilitates the process of awareness and promotes the development of interest in knowledge, helps to perceive natural objects in real life conditions. It is established that by actively involving future biology teachers in nature conservation activities during the practice of botany and zoology, the idea of V. Sukhomlynskyi that is oriented on environmental education and education of the individual is supported.

Author Biography

Liudmyla Dovhopola, SHEI «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

Dovhopola Liudmyla – Teacher of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Professional Education 

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