The role of the New Ukrainian school in the process of social adaptation of primary school pupils

  • Olga Perederii KVVO «Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education»
Keywords: social adaptation, primary school age, New Ukrainian school


The article examines the role of the New Ukrainian School in the process of social adaptation of primary school pupils. The essence of the concept of social adaptation is studied. A number of projects of the New Ukrainian School, which promote the social development of the child, are described. It is proved that socialization is the aggregate of all the basic social processes through which the individual assimilates and reproduces a certain system of knowledge, norms, values that allow him to function as a full member of society, manifests such qualities: independence, initiative, commitment, degree of responsibility. The role of the school in the social adaptation of younger schoolchildren is substantiated, it is the determining and fundamental in the birth of the future personality. Socialization is a continuous and multifaceted process that continues throughout the life of a person. However, it occurs most intensively in child hood, when all basic, value orientations are laid down, basic social norms and relations are assimilated, and the motivation for social behavior is formed. It is proved that it is at the junior school age that a foundation is laid and the entire building of the school is erected, then only the finishing that can last a lifetime is carried out. It is proved that the educational reform, designed to satisfy all the demands of the new generation, requires, first of all, a new content of education, based on the formation of competencies necessary for successful self-realization in society. Pedagogy should be based on partnership between pupil, teacher and parents. The whole system of education must be oriented towards the needs of the student in the educational process. In the school system, a teacher must be motivated, who has the freedom of creativity and develops professionally. The new structure of the school should enable children to learn new content and acquire competencies for life.

Author Biography

Olga Perederii, KVVO «Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education»

Perederii Olga – Ph. D in Pedagogy, Assistant Professor of the Department of Preschool and Primary Education

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