V. O. Syhomlynskyi about teacher’s personality

  • Nataliia Riabokon Rzhyschiv hymanitarian college
Keywords: personality, humanism, teacher’s professional profile, ethical culture, pedagogical tact


The article describes the views of V. Sukhomlynsky on the teacher’s personality, his humanistic orientation and pedagogic mastery. It is proved that a true teacher can not live without creativity, because pedagogical work by its nature, by internal logic is unthinkable without elements of scientific research, it must always be lit by the light of the theory, be the source of a new thought, new theoretical generalizations. It is substantiated that teacher's teaching should perceive not only the mind, but the soul, to master the nature of mental processes, and redefining everything, to create his own pedagogy, its current model, its laws and laws, its methods. The work of V. Sukhomlynsky, which made it possible to determine the components of the teacher's citizenship, namely: perception of the personality of his belonging to a society; the need for an individual to act in accordance with the ethical norms of society; the need for self-expression through socially meaningful personality traits; the need to be everywhere and everywhere a person and a citizen. It is proved that VO Sukhomlynsky actually outlined a teacher's profile, which should be a model for young people who chooses a pedagogical profession. The pedagogical system, which accumulated in itself the best of the past and modern, in conjunction with the original ideas and innovative technologies of the scientist and their embodiment in the pedagogical process, was substantiated.

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Nataliia Riabokon, Rzhyschiv hymanitarian college

Riabokon Nataliia – Teacher in Pedagogу

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