Implementation of Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi’s ideas in the educational process of primary school

  • Olena Tymchenko CHEI KOC «Belotserkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical College»
  • Olga Lytvyn CHEI KOC «Belotserkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical College»
Keywords: teacher-humanist, New Ukrainian School, child centered teaching, pedagogical ideas, primary school, competence-oriented education, value of childhood, developmental education, educational environment


The article focuses on Vasyl Sukhomlynsky’s pedagogical approach in the educational process of a modern primary school. A child becomes a central figure in all processes such as learning, development and education and the idea of child centered teaching, which is a key idea in pedagogy of the XXI century, has been reflected in many foreign and Ukrainian pedagogical systems and scientific theories. The child as a unique person is in the center of the Ukrainian teacher-creator Vasyl Sukhomlynsky’s pedagogical system. The latest researches and publications on Vasyl Sukhomlynsky’s multifaceted pedagogical heritage are analyzed. The value of research of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky’s educational ideas which are gaining new importance in the conditions of reforming the school education of Ukraine is proved. The search for ways to improve the quality of education prompts teachers to implement the best achievements of the national pedagogical heritage in the educational process of a modern primary school, where the teacher
becomes a tutor and a moderator of the individual trajectory of the child. The peculiarities of discovery of the world by a child in primary school through the fairy tale, game, fantasy are considered. The article shows Vasyl Sukhomlynsky’s attitude to playing as a leading activity of children in primary school age which ensures the formation of the child's character, thinking, language, emotions. The significance of learning process for students as a source of interest and spiritual enrichment is emphasized. The actuality of skills accented by Sukhomlynsky for modern competenceoriented
education is proved which changes the emphasis on the ability of a person to practical actions in a certain context.
The role and place of Sukhomlynsky's pedagogical approach for the implementation of a new content of school education based on the pedagogy of partnership, the formation of competencies oriented towards the needs of the student in the educational process provides an incessant process of development and education. A model of the school of XXI century is reflected in the pedagogical system of the humaneducator, the model that is based on the ideas of the value of childhood, the creation of healthy school environment for the development and self-realization of the individual, the recognition of the specific features of childhood and every child. The conclusion deals with the need for further study of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky's pedagogical ideas and their introduction into modern education.

Author Biographies

Olena Tymchenko, CHEI KOC «Belotserkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical College»

Tymchenko Olena – Teacher of natural sciences, teacher-methodist 

Olga Lytvyn, CHEI KOC «Belotserkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical College»

Lytvyn Olga – Teacher of Natural Sciences, teacher-methodist

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