Preparation of future primary school teachers to use Vasyl Suhomlynskyi writing technology

  • Maria Chabayovska
Keywords: quality of the education, future teachers of the beginning school, approach of competency, didactic principles, innovation technologies of teaching writings by V. Sukhomlynskyi, association-comparative method, pedagogic technology «Rostok», writing skills


The article covers the issues of development of new Ukrainian school and touches upon the teacher who has to be ready to work in modern conditions. The acting state documents constitute the theoretical and methodological basis of this process: Constitution of Ukraine, State National Program «Education» («Ukraine in XX century»), National Doctrine of Development of Education in Ukraine in XXI Century, Comrehencive Program «Vchytel», the law of Ukraine «On Education», the law of Ukraine «On Higher Education», Concept of Language Education, Concept of State Standard of the Beginning Education, Strategy of National and Patriotic Education of Children and Youth for 2016-2020, Concept of National-Patriotic Education for Children and Youth, Concept of Pedagogical Education «New Ukrainian School». These documents are oriented on search for the alternative models of organization of education. It is stressed that in new version of State Standard of the Beginning Education the key priority is communicational – free skill in state language, which means - the skill to express thoughts, feeling in oral and in written way and readiness to use state language as native in different life situations. Thus, it is important to form in young pupils graphic competency as an inevitable part of communication competency. It is mentioned that the usage of rich heritage of Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi is a rather important issue, who was outstanding educator and children writer. There were explored modern issues of professional training of future teachers of the beginning school regarding forming graphic skills of writing for young pupils as a key part of the beginning education. Based on the analysis of psychological and pedagogical and methodological literature it is stated that the problem of professional training of future teachers of the beginning school regarding the writing study has not been the subject of separate study in the Ukrainian linguistic didactics yet. It is recommended to use the technology of reaching writing by V. Sukhomlynskyi in particular association and comparative method as well as author methodology of writing at the stage of study of writing in the beginning school. Aiming at professional training of the future teachers of the beginning school regarding the writing teaching it is proposed to use a set of methodological recommendations regarding usage of the given materials in the pedagogical establishments of the higher education establishments in the process of the following cources: Methodology of Writing Teaching and Technics of Study of Education Sphere «Language and Literature». 

Author Biography

Maria Chabayovska

Chabayovska Maria – Ph. D in Pedagogy, Assistant Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Educational Methodology, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, National Pedagogical M. P. Dragomanov
University, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

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