«Fairy Room»: pedagogical interactivity of future philologists in working with children (based on the material of the literary heritage of V. O. Sukhomlynskyi)

  • Yarova Ilona
  • Margarita Kozyr
Keywords: Children's smile, carpet reading, literary heritage of Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky, modernizing fairy tales, humane pedagogy, scrapbooking


The article investigates the literary heritage of Vasily Alexandrovich Sukhomlinsky as a valuable material for the moral and spiritual foundations of children, patriotism and the development of critical thinking; the works of scientists on researches of Sukhomlynsky's creative and scientific heritage are analyzed; the choice of labor is justified by students; the relevance of its methodology was investigated; describes the participation of students of the second year, the Borys Grinchenko University in the project «Children's Smile»; a further action plan for the development of the project is presented; The concept of «carpet readings» is covered, the efficiency of this method and the experience of holding such classes throughout the world are considered; indicated the scale of the project and the involved persons; describes the problems and effectiveness of the activities carried out; the purpose of the project «Children's Smile» is highlighted; It tells about the creation of the first copy of the collection and the relevance of the «scrapbooking» format is substantiated. This article is aimed at presenting the relevance of the literary heritage of Vasily Alexandrovich Sukhomlinsky through the modernization of his tales, an important role in interactivity as a way of establishing emotional contact with the child. We also consider the role of the book in the process of personality formation. The initiative group of students, having become acquainted with the legacy of Vasily Alexandrovich and realizing the relevance of her issues, began to modernize his tales. Moreover, we decided to issue a collection that would contain remaking tales of students and children, thus, engaging children in literature. So, choosing Vasil Alexandrovich's works, after reworking and illustrating, we decided to test them on children of the 3rd grade, schools of the I-III levels of the Obolon district, the city of Kyiv, choosing the method of «carpet readings», which is known all over the world by its efficiency.

Author Biographies

Yarova Ilona

Yarova Ilona – student of the II course, educational program «Ukrainian philology» of the Institute of Philology, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Margarita Kozyr

Kozyr Margarita – Ph. D in Pedagogy, Associate Professor of Theory and History of Pedagogy at the Pedagogical Institute of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

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