Keywords: action, active approach, active potential, spiritual, psychical, spirituality, spiritual and psychical potencies, growing personality


The search for new sense orientations of a human being are considered as a common feature of modern life. The actualization on a problems connected with categories «spirit», «soul», «spiritual», «physical» is underlined. The semantic difference between the concepts of «spiritual» and «psychical» is carried out mainly their descriptive rather than categorically-identifying level. Therefore, their commonality is determined by their ideality. We consider their semantic differences, in particular the concept of «soul» includes a purely individual, elusively-relational and devoid of a stable structure, whereas the «spirit» includes everything that is the property of humanity, all experience of generations in different spheres of human activity (philosophy, politics, morals, art, religion in the form of knowledge, assessments, norms, tastes, etc., and is objectified as truth, goodness, evil, beauty, ugliness, justice, freedom, patriotism, love, faith). We can assert that the «spirit», as a person’s peculiarity, appears on level of self-consciousness and active influence on one’s own reality. It means that the notion of «spirit» correlates with the notion of «subjectivity». The special meaning is given to the form of person’s essential powers expression. The action is understood as a condition and a way of the essential person’s self-affirmation. We can consider action potential on the three levels of human being according to the categories of general, special and individual. At the level of a general practice, it is the ability of a person to be solely a person, and not some other being, so to have the principle opportunity to make action. At the special historical level we mean specific action potentiality, conditioned by the situation of the life-story. At the level of the individual, we are talking about individual action, and, therefore the possibility of a unique «authorial» action. The active approach is considered to be the most adequate and perspective for solution actual problems of growing personality, in particular, in the development of his spiritual and psychical potentials.

Author Biography

Yaroslava Kalba, Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

PhD of Psychology, Associate Professor of Department of Psychology of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University


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