Admission of Ukraine to NATO (2014-2018)

  • Yuri Voitenko Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Politics of the State Higher Educational Institution «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyі Hryhoriі Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»
Keywords: NATO, accession, law, contract, conflict, criteria, cooperation, experience, country, progress, parliament, president.


This article provides an overview of the Euro-Atlantic process of Ukraine with a course on NATO from 2014 to today. The political and legal constituent of these processes is considered, in particular the evolution of the legislative base and its current state are determined. In addition, the feasibility of such a step was determined, as well as the current state of Ukraine's interaction with the North Atlantic Alliance. The article reflects the position of government officials and the public on the course and the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine, starting in 2014, has exacerbated the security issue with a new impulse both internally and internationally. If the Ukrainian-Russian confrontation in the Donbass has been going on for four years continuously, then another dynamic is the search for a security component at the international level. Ukraine, being in the system of collective security in Soviet times with Russia (the Warsaw Pact Organization), opposed its NATO capabilities. This confrontation was observed during the second half of the twentieth century (especially in the 60-80's.). Today, since the 

announcement of the independence of Russia, and especially - after the military invasion of Russia into the territory of Ukraine in 2014, the state is forced to seek allies in this confrontation. The most significant military-political bloc in its confrontation with Russia is the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). Therefore, it is natural that the conflict with Russia has pushed us to close cooperation with this Alliance with the possibility of future membership in it. Moreover, NATO has shown its capability and effectiveness for almost 70 years of its existence.

This article also identifies the historical preconditions and objective reasons for Ukraine's course towards NATO. The author states that it is the war in eastern Ukraine that pushes us to move towards this Alliance more intensively. It is the security component in the context of today's challenges and threats facing Ukraine, which is the main reason for such a foreign policy course of the state. At the same time, this course existed, albeit with less intensity, until 2014. He was especially active in the presidency of V.Yushchenko (2005-2010) and practically completely «frozen» for Yanukovych's presidency (2010-2014). That is, it can be argued that the foreign policy course of the state in Ukraine almost completely depends on the system of political preferences and values of the person who is on the post of President of Ukraine.


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