Ethnician policy of Ukraine in the field of eurointegration processes

  • Oleg Kalakura Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, I. F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • May Panchuk Doctor in Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of National Minorities of I. F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethno-National Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Keywords: ethnonational policy, interethnic interaction, eurointegration, Ukrainian nation, national consolidation, ethnic minorities, ethnic identity, ethnopolitical processes, multiculturalism.


The article analyzes the achievements of Ukraine in the ethno-national sphere of humanitarian development in the context of its European integration, protection and provision of rights of representatives of ethnic communities, formation of a political nation. The political and legal principles of ethnic policy, defects of the paternalistic model of interethnic relations in the conditions of war and lack of financial power of the state are outlined. The tendencies of transformation of objects and subjects of ethno-national policy are determined, attention has been paid to the need to take these changes into account in the further steps towards the development of interethnic accord. During the years of independence in Ukraine, about 1300 national-cultural associations of ethnic minorities have been formed, there are 4 ethnic parties, and the question of the political representation of ethnic communities is raised. The ethnodemographic changes of Ukrainian society are shown, trends of ethnic and national-civil consolidation are noted. The sharp decrease of the Russian mega-minority by 2001 census was 26.6%. It is suggested that 3.3 million ethnic Russians remain in the territory of the ARC and parts of the Donbas occupied by the Russian Federation, which accelerates the formation of a mono-ethnic Ukrainian community. It is concluded that ethnic groups that are scattered are more likely to be assimilated and diminish quantitatively than groups that live compactly. Compact ethnic groups make greater use of opportunities for cultural and educational needs. It is noted as a new phenomenon, the growth in the country of representatives of so-called «notable» minorities, who are actively involved in the socio-political life. Comparison with similar processes in Poland as a country that has already gone its way to the European Union. In Ukraine, the center-right ideology, the tendency towards the formation of a traditionalist society, which spreads the values of ethnocentrism, monolinguism, and the Ukrainian-centric concept of history, is gradually dominated by Ukraine. A new understanding of the principles of ethno-national policy from the point of view of multiculturalism, which can be used in the development of the Concept of ethno-national development of Ukraine, is proposed. Polyculture of the Ukrainian expanse remains the basic value of Ukraine along with the processes of national identification of Ukrainians.


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