Formation of reading mental schools with dauna syndrome

Keywords: global reading, Down syndrome, formation of reading skills, intellectual disabilities, modified text, syllabic reading.


The publication reveals the framework of formation reading skills for junior schoolchildren with intellectual disabilities of moderate level in a special grade for children with Down syndrome.

The initial results of the analysis of the reading learning process of seven students of the Zaporizhzhya Special Educational Boarding School «Dzherelo» are presented for the period of four years. At the beginning of the pedagogical intervention, the age of children ranged from seven to nine years. According to the results of the diagnosis of oral speech and aural and visual perception, the students were divided into three groups with a view to better differentiated learning.

Based on the «hybrid approach» that involves the use of the methodology of global and syllabic reading, teachers have followed the stages of work on the skills formation: word activity, processing the vocabulary cards without illustrations and comparing them with words and pictures, introducing words in speech through the compilation of sentences, combining sentences into coherent text. Particular attention is paid to the issue of awareness of the contents of the text by students.

It is proposed the system for creating of modified text collections taking into account the requirements of the state standard as well as recommendations for drawing-up of texts for persons with dyslexia.

The research confirmed that the series of pedagogical measures, in particular, taking into account the peculiarities and the developmental level of a child, the setting of the optimal forms and methods of work, the use of integrative and thematic approaches, the use of modified books, the creation of a developing educational environment, interaction between the staff of the institution proved to be effective in teaching students with Down syndrome.


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