Readiness of future teachers to evaluate the educational activity of children with special educational needs in the inclusive educational space: verbal support

  • Svitlana Chupakhina Svitlana Chupakhina, PhD (Pedagogics), Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Preschool and Special education of the State Higher Educational Institution «Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University».
Keywords: assessment, teacher's activity, competence, molding evaluation, verbal assessment, individual development program, individual curriculum, inclusive educational space.


The article deals with the problems of evaluating of educational achievements of pupils with special educational needs, which is a complicated, obligatory type of activity of a teacher, which is based on the principles of positive progressive developmen to fthe child.

The forming of evaluation in the New Ukrainian school is analyzed, which is provided with certain requirements for compulsory learning outcomes, which are determined taking into account the competence approach to education. It is characterized such concepts as «assessment of learning outcomes», «assessment», «verbal assessment», «molding evaluation».

An important factor in the activity of the teacher in assessing the educational achievements of pupilts in modern comprehensive school is the clarity in determining the level of their educational achievements. The teacher's ability to apply a verbal assessment (verbal assessment judgments) as a verbal support to the pupil's activity in the primary school is substantiated.

It is proved that taking into account the level of achievements of each pupil, at least his progress in mastering the educational material, the forming of skills and abilities, and the ability to apply them in practice – mastering the competencies, determine th eactivity of a modern elementary school teacher.

An important task for a modern teacher is not only the ability to evaluate the work of the pupil in the classroom, but also the inclusion of all children in the assessment of the outcome, which is essential for their acquisition of work requirements and the formation of adequate ideas about the level of their learning opportunities.

It is proved that determining the level of formation of knowledge, skills and abilities of pupils with special educational needs involves providing positive motivation for learning, and informing pupils about their individual achievements contributes to the effectiveness of pedagogical activity of the teacher.

The readiness of teachers to evaluate the educational activity of children with special educational needs in the inclusive educational space is substantiated and researched.

It has been proved that practicing teachers attach great importance to the assessment of pupils' learning achievements, recognizing the necessity of it as an important factor influencing the motivation of educational activities, and also performs the informational function for the teacher (analysis and planning of the subsequent learning process), for the pupil (forming an adequate self-esteem).


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