Psychology of relationships with teacher students in light of value principles of european education

  • Надія Гапон Lviv National Ivan Franko University
Keywords: student’s narratives, teacher’s personality, communication, self-reflexion, academic honesty.


It is considered the analysis results of the student’s narratives, which reflect student’s ideas about personal and professional qualities of the modern higher education teacher. We emphasized the necessity for pedagogues to develop the self-reflexive position, that lets them see themself through the eyes of the students and that is the key to self-improvement. We conducted an empirical study with 152 students of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv on «Teacher in student’s optics». The student’s analysis of teacher’s narratives allowed to see various aspects of the teacher’s activity. The analysis showed such traits of the teacher, which are emphasized by students. It helps to identify the ways of professional development of teachers. The teachers’ self-reflection, the ability of decentration, the capacity to see themselves through the eyes of students and critical thinking encourage teachers to selfperfection. The teacher’s self-reflection and critical thinking are the main physiological values that motivate to personal changes. In this sense, it is necessary to realize a reciprocal relationship with students, to have readiness to accept student’s opinions about reality of their relationships and to work on their improvement. For this teacher should forme responsible attitude to the content of the subject. Here the motivator for changing is a constant methodical work of teachers on their professional qualification. The rising of lecturer’s ethic standarts at universities illustrates the concern for students. It also demonstrates the teachers’ commitment to form a future professionals with an ethical behaviour. An important value of European education is a moral attitude toward mastery of knowledge in universities. An essential is the improvement of lecturer’s system of training and retraining. This will strengthen the value orientations of European education – quality, a fair assessment, accordance to the needs and abilities, attraction of education and so on. We should focus on the quality of education, a harmonious combination of innovation and tradition, an academic honesty, a social and economic reasonableness of cadre’s training, the sequence of curricula and freedom of choice for students, the combining academic process with scientific research, the efficiency of educational management at the

Author Biography

Надія Гапон, Lviv National Ivan Franko University

Hapon Nadia – Doctor Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Psychology at Lviv National Ivan Franko University.

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