Economic indicators of gender equality

  • Тамара Говорун Institute of the Catholic University of John Paul II in Lublin
  • Оксана Кікінежді Ternopil National Pedagogical University named Gnatyuk
  • Ірина Шульга Ternopil National Pedagogical University named Gnatyuk
Keywords: gender equality, economic culture, economic self-efficiency of sexes, gender stereotypes, students.


The causes of economical female and male status differentiation have been analyzed. Economical women’s knowledge is more connected with understanding micro processes while men are with its macro level. Adherence to the traditional gender values in male and female functioning in society and family settings were evident among most of the students’ values. According to the focusgroup results and the content-analysis of narrative studies on the topic. My material status in ten years» we discovered some causes of traditional gender role expectation. They are connected with strong mass-media influence from one side and from the other-low economical culture level, violence of moral principles of business conducting during transitional period from planned to market economy in contemporary Ukraine. Male and female students demonstrate low level of financial aspirations for individual forms of business activity, personality management because if great disappointment with high level of corruption and formal obstacles on the way to private vocational service. Such attitudes determined by low personality involvement especially women’s in various social roles and capacities. The principles that proved particularly helpful in rising man’s conceptual level of economical functioning financial self-efficiency included those which are connected with self well-being according to positive psychology. Thus, the congruency (consistency of the persons self) can
be specified in terms of main dimension of well-being: positive emotions received from engagement in
activity, good relationships with colleague (lasting attachments),accomplishment, covering everything
from achievement, competence and success to progress towards goals and mastery at the highest level,
and continuity of his or her lasting values, meanings. The usefulness of the concept of positive
psychology goes beyond the motivational issues recognized as traditional and egalitarian self system.
Thus attitudes especially those that are parts of the self system, give heightened activity in economical
experience and behavior. Human beings do not satisfy their needs in any way. They satisfy them in terms
defined by the self system. That is why the means of rising economical level of aspiration of both sexes
urges to be accomplished first of all by gratification of the self.

Author Biographies

Тамара Говорун, Institute of the Catholic University of John Paul II in Lublin

Hovorun Tamara – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Department of Law and Social Sciences Education Institute of the Catholic University of John Paul II in Lublin.

Оксана Кікінежді, Ternopil National Pedagogical University named Gnatyuk

Kikinezhdi Oksana – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of Department of Psychology Ternopil National Pedagogical University named Gnatyuk.

Ірина Шульга, Ternopil National Pedagogical University named Gnatyuk

Shulga Irina – PhD in Pedagogy, Senior Research Fellow Ternopil National Pedagogical University named Gnatyuk

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